Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Beauty and the programmer 3

Eddy regained his senses when the car horn blared a second time, the driver was really angry and he showed it, he spat at Eddy saying
" Idiot, upon all your goggles you no dey see, If you wan die go drink poison ewu"
Eddy wasn't one to insult back, he just said sorry and walked away. Usually he would have come with his car but sometimes he just liked to walk and listen to music on his earphone and think.
His mum was around and the jolly woman was on his neck, every time, Eddy when am I meeting my daughter, you know I never gave birth to a girl, so your wife will be my daughter, he had so far dodged the question but now he couldn't anymore, his mum pestered him daily, all his siblings were married except him, he would argue with his mum and say,
" But mummy, Ib, Chuka and Ibe have given you daughter nah "
" I know but, I want a daughter from you my son "
The woman may pester him, but she was a beautiful woman, and he loved her dearly. His father died when he was six years, apparently his father committed suicide and Eddy was the one that found the body, the sight of his father's body dangling from the ceiling haunted him and he never spoke of his Father to anyone.
His mother had been his father, mother, sister and friend. But now she was a tormentor, tormenting him to get married, introducing him to a ton of girls in church, weddings or any social gathering they happened to go together to, usually she always dragged him along.
After walking for an hour, Eddy stopped a taxi and went home.

A couple of weeks later, Ese  accompanied a friend to an IT centre, And there she bumped into Eddy, it as if he barely recognised her, the other guys in the IT centre were ogling over her, but Eddy was just focused on whatever he was doing, that fascinated her, it was rare to see a guy, who wasn't  moved by her beauty , she wanted to be his friend,she walked to his work area and said " Hi"
Eddy so engrossed in his work, barely heard her, she greeted again and he turned to look at her and with the look on his face it was clear that he recognised her
" Hi, I am Ese"
" Yea, I remember you, what brings you here? "
" I accompanied a friend ,"
She looked at what he was designing
" Cool did you designed this? "
" Yea , sure this is my thing "
" Wow, you are really good, No you are amazing , the hospital I work in needs a website badly , I will talk to the management about it, I would want you to design it "
 Eddy smiled and for the first time He looked at Ese, She was actually very pretty, But her make up, He didn't understand, It was too much, it looked like she was wearing a mask on her face .
" Are you serious, miss, I will be honoured to "
" Great, let me have your card so, I can reach you "
" Sure "
 And Eddy reached into his pocket and pulled out his card and handed it to her.
" Thank you "
" No,thank you miss "
" Just called me Ese "
" Okay Ese "
As she turned to leave, Eddy spoke
" Sorry, Ese, you are really beautiful "
She laughed in her head, Men are so gullible, she guessed he wanted to ask her out to lunch or dinner. But instead he said
" Don't be offended, I just say things  how they are, you are very beautiful, you don't need the make up, to me make up are used to cover flaws, I don't think you have any flaws to cover "
Ese was shocked, No man had ever spoken to her like that before , she turned and left angrily.

Immediately she left, Iro , Emma and some other guys working in the IT centre walked to Eddy like he had stolen something of theirs..
Emma was the first to speak
" Guy you will remain single for the rest of your life "
" Abi " shouted Collins a Web designer
" Guy you fuck up sha, how you go talk put for her make up" said Iro
" You guys should free me, I told her the truth, what does she need make up for "
" Shut up there you gay niggi " shouted Emma
Eddy was about to reply when the familiar car horn of their boss was heard and they all had to return to their work stations immediately.
Throughout that day Eddy was at war with himself, why did he say that to her, he would have at least waited till, they were properly acquainted or something. He made up his mind that he would find her and apologise.

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