Saturday, 5 November 2016


" Hey Annabelle dear " I said trying not to let my voice shake
She didn't respond she kept applying her lipstick and smacking her lips.
" Annie you can't ignore me forever you win ok, I was wrong you deserve my body, you obviously rock it better than me "
She smiled but still didn't say a word
" You turned a boring chicken neck into a super model that's a serious accomplishment, like see what I have I won't have been able to get it even if I used my womb for rituals"
She laughed hard and long then staring at me for the first time in five years she said
" Finally, you have come around, it took you long enough "
Then she looked serious again
" I hope you don't think sweet talking me would make me break the chains"
" Naaaaaaah,I just want to be your friend, I have spent enough time in chains to know how to be devoted to you "
She smiled and didn't say anything at first the she looked at me and said. 
" ok chicken neck let me humour you"
For months  I would talk to Annabelle and tell her things she wants to hear.
I would tell her what modelling contract would benefit her the most, what country she should travel to , what guy she should date and what dress made her look more sexy.
She started to be more free with me and the freer she became the more my chains loosened soon enough my wrists could slip through my chains but I stood still in my chains, I had to  execute my plan at the right moment.
" Annabelle let's go clubbing "
" Chicken neck since when are you a party animal? "
" well I have changed, come on let go clubbing and have fun "
She laughed " I love this new chicken neck , she is less boring alright clubbing it is "
She went to get ready  we spent about three hours deciding what to wear and finally decided on a tube black dress with pepper red stilettoes.
The club was repulsive to me but I pretended to like it men kept sniffing around Annabelle like dogs, I urged her to dance, flirt and drink. Annabelle was partying like crazy, twisting and gyrating her body to music, smoking shisha, drinking alcohol I dared her to drink more and smoke more after drinking more shots of tequila than I could count she passed out on the club floor and my chains broke almost immediately  and I was free, I quickly too over my body it had been so long, I felt drowsy and had a banging headache but I needed to move fast. Taking Annabelle's phone and dialled Deji's number praying he hasn't changed it, I had no answers twice, I tried the third time and with a voice heavy with sleep Deji answered.

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