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Very tired and fatigued from work, Obika made his way home, he drove slowly, dreaming of his bed and food.
It was 10 pm on a Thursday night, usually he never leaves late, but today, He was punished by his boss for slapping a female colleague.
Obika had a foul temper and was always quick to physical assault, the colleague he slapped had just challenged him for being bossy and mean to everyone and Obika slapped her saying her place was in the Kitchen and she had no right to work in the company, the Boss, an old Motherly woman punished him to do a mountain of paperwork or apologise, Obika preferred the paperwork.
Obika finally got home,there was no light and Obika too exhausted to eat, made his way into his room, took a quick shower and climbed his bed.
Suddenly, Obika realised things were not right, Sergeant, His Rottweiler didn't make a sound when he came in, Normally sergeant always barked when anyone entered the compound.
Obika felt uneasy, but decided he would check on the dog tomorrow.

Then Obika started to hear scratching noises, irritated he woke up and searched blindly for his torch, then his hand met fur and blood, Obika jumped from his bed and locating his phone and using it as a source of light, he looked at what he just touched, it was his dog, The poor animal had been mutilated badly, the head split into two, the stomach of the dog split and the internal organs pouring out, a big wave of nausea hit Obika without warning, who would do such a thing to his Dog.
The light on his phone started to flicker and finally the whole phone went black, Obika started to get scared.
A bloody hand started to come in through the window, Obika bolted and left the room, shaking like a banana leaf, he ran into the living room and there were bloody hands every where, coming out of the walls, the television, ground, they held Obika and started to pull him to the ground.
He tried to break free but more hands held him down,
Then the female colleague(Her name was Esizaze)He slapped walked in wearing a long black dress, outline with red, her lips where painted black, her nails where black and her pupils where in slits like that of a viper, two ghoul looking things where behind her carrying clay pots.
" You can slap someone abi, your hand itches you to slap ehn? "
Obika tried to talk but a bloody hand entered his mouth , the bloody hand held his tongue tight and pulled forcefully when he tried to talk.
In a split second the hand he used in slapping Esizaze started swelling, the hand became quadrupled the normal size.
Esizaze  spoke again
" You think you can go about slapping women or talking anyhow because you are the President of the company's son? "
" I will teach you a lesson you would never forget "
Immediately the hand in his mouth went out and instead another hand holding his dog remains forced his Dog's intestines into his mouth, Obika cried and begged but Esizaze heard nothing, the hands continued to force the intestines in until, Obika swallowed it all, including the rectum of the dog.
His hand that was now quadrupled the size hurt like it was on fire, like it was being chopped into pieces and as if acid was poured on it, Obika had never known such pain in his life.
One of the ghoul went and poured the content of the first clay pot on him and Obika let out a whelp, his skin started to peel painfully, Obika could literally feel his skin falling off his muscles.
Esizaze then said
" This is just the beginning, the second clay pot will do you worse "
The second ghoul started to approach Obika with the second pot and Obika let out an ear piercing scream.
And he woke up in the office, he checked his skin, hand and mouth everything was normal, he checked his time it was 10 pm, It was just a bad dream, he thought, he was covered in sweat and his neck hurt from the position he laid in while sleeping.
I must have fallen asleep due to exhaustion he thought, packing up his thing ,He decided to go home and forget the horrific dream.

When he got home his dog was barking,And there was light, he was extremely relieved, he entered his house, took a shower and climbed his bed. Immediately the light went off, fumbling for his torch, his hand met fur and blood again, he jumped out of the bed, Esizaze walked in through the door saying
" Oh you thought it was a dream, No sweetie, I wanted you to experience the same horror twice "
THE END...........

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Dayo and Simi started to talk every day and they got really close. He was so nice and friendly, she wasn't really used to having male friends, in fact, she felt like she didn't fit in anywhere.
But with Dayo things were perfect he was super charming, funny and a great companion. They would meet and take walks in their area and just talk. They would walk until their feet hurt and would then bade each other goodbye till they see again.
At night Simi would hide in the toilet and talk to Dayo till its almost morning. Usually she had low self-esteem about herself but, Dayo made her feel important, Dayo made her see the greatness in herself.
Dayo begged Simi to visit him, but she refused, He kept asking until she agreed.
Simi went to visit Dayo on a hot Saturday and she was welcomed by Dayo's siblings, they were the nicest people she had met, Tolu, Dayo's elder brother was an accountant and Lola , Dayo's elder sister was a Nurse.
Dayo's siblings were going somewhere, so they left them alone in the house, Simi conscious of the fact she was alone with Dayo , she started to perspire and her heart was pounding against her chest.
Dayo looked at her and said
" Calm down, Simi "
" Am very calm " said Simi in a very shaky voice
Dayo smiled a goofy smile and just stared at Simi, She was visibly scared to be alone with, But to him she still looked cute to him, Wanting to calm her down, he said
" Owk, will you like to watch TV? "
" No, I want to go home now "
" Simi, calm down, I won't eat you "
" I didn't say you would eat me, my mum says I should be home on time "
" Alright, Let me see you off "
" Okay "
" Can I get a hug "
Simi threw Dayo a look, But thought about it and gave Dayo a hug, the minute their bodies touched, Simi felt like a different person , It felt electric, they just held each for a minute, before they parted. There was this awkward silence, Then Dayo spoke.
" You better start going, you would be late "
" Okay, Bye Dayo "
Simi left Dayo's house, her heart was pounding, it was the first time, she had hugged a guy other than her Uncles.
Immediately she got home, Dayo called laughing at her, saying her heart was beating so fast, he thought she would have a heart attack. They laughed about it and then Dayo said,
"Simi, I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend "
Simi was speechless, She liked Dayo too, She had never been in a relationship.
" Dayo, I have never had a boyfriend "
" I won't hurt you Simi, I love you "
I love you, that phrase echoed in Simi's head. But she won't let that sway her.
" Dayo, I can't right now, please wait a little longer "
" Okay Simi, If that's what you want it's no problem, Just know I love you "
The call ended and Simi was confused. She was just 17, and Dayo was the same age but a few months older, she didn't want to date any guy till she was at least 21.

Days, weeks, Months passed and Dayo continued to profess his love, while Simi still refused to date him, but they were still very close.
Simi later learnt that some girls in the area liked Dayo and they started to flirt with him, Jealousy flooded Simi's head, Dayo was hers, getting scared she would lose him, She called him saying
" Dayo do you love me "
" Simi, of course I love you "
" Do you still want me to be your girlfriend "
" Of course yes "
" Then am your girlfriend "
Simi expect Dayo to scream, but he just said
" Okay Simi, talk to you later "
That pissed Simi off , He wasn't even excited.....
To be continued.........

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Going natural, What does it really mean?
Is it about joining the bandwagon of ladies cutting their relaxed hair to grow healthier natural hair ?
Is it what's in vogue and it looks attractive ?
Is it that You realised that relaxing your hair, bleaching your skin is selfhate and you have decided to love yourself the way you are i.e Appreciate your God given beauty?
You have suddenly realised you are African and Africans have afros and dark skin, and relaxing your hair is a slave mentality and you want to stop it ?
But seriously what's your reason for going natural.
Initially I went natural because, I saw other naturalistas with long hair, beautiful twist out, afros and what not.
I was obsessed with the natural hair of ladies I saw online, in my mind my hair would grow that way.
I bigchopped and then it became clearer when the relaxed ends where off, it was no longer about, long healthy hair, it was about God.
God made my ass black and my hair kinky, He makes no mistakes, so why am I trying to correct myself ?
Most pictures of natural hair online to me are just fake, like seriously, your ass is darker than mine and you are sporting 2c curls and you would see some ladies chanting "hair crush, I wish my hair was like that "
Going natural should be about appreciating yourself the way you are, not dying your hair purple, blonde, red, green or blue.My dear that's not natural it's not your real hair colour, You went natural, so stop being fake.
You are natural, no biggie be natural, don't act it.
And to permies out there, It's your choice to relax your hair, but remember God makes no mistakes, he gave you an Afro for a reason, I am natural not because of Hair crush, length checks, Natural hair meet ups, natural hair products or Whatever. I am natural because I was born this way, God made me this way and I would never change it.

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I remember vividly my years in secondary school, In my mind, I reasoned it would be better than my  years in primary school. My latter years in secondary were better, unlike my first year when I felt so alone and frustrated, second year I wasn't really alone, I met Diane, we became friends when she fell into a gutter and I carried her to the sick bay, she was so light (LOL), We were friends till the end and I have never loved (PLATONIC) a girl the way I loved her, She was a true friend, she was really bright, in fact one of the brightest girl I knew.
She won a national spelling bee, met Bruce Murray and The former President Goodluck Jonathan, and I was so happy for her, I was proud to say that she was my friend.
With her I didn't feel alone, with her I felt perfect. Please I am not a Lesbian oh, This is strictly platonic.
Diane wasn't very tall, but she had long legs, she was chocolate coloured and she wore glasses. Diane wasn't good in sports, But she was a brainaic, she could read her books front to back at least two times.
She used to say to me " Pray for me, You know your prayers always works for me " It was the sweetest thing I had ever heard.
Diane would come to my bed at night and we would gist into the midnight, sometimes she would sleep off on my bed and sometimes she would go to hers.
She was a good listener, I talk a lot I know and Diane listened.
I remember one time, when someone was laughing at my body and she stood up for me, I was so happy, when I felt bad about myself she was there to support me.
When I was diagnosed of bronchial asthma, she was there to help me, and she came to visit me, during my long stays in the sick bay, when I was down and depressed, she would cheer me up.
Then I used to feel bad that I didn't have many friends or that a lot of people didn't like me, I wasn't popular, I couldn't dance, my singing was just mediocre, on my birthday I get like seven cards, while some girls in my class get seventy, during Christmas, some girls would have cards placed under there bunkmate's bed, but I hardly got any. Diane was the first people to give me a Christmas card, I placed it under my bunkmate's bed and when Christmas was over, I placed it in my bag and I never threw it away.
Diane shocked everyone when she said she wanted to read Accounting, our teachers couldn't understand why, she was great at Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biological, you name it, My physics teacher then said she was wasting her brain, that she would have been a good Doctor or Engineer, I knew Diane loved Accounting, It was her dream course, I encouraged her, she told me, she wasn't going to study in Nigeria and she wanted to study in America, It was her dream, I asked her if she would come back and she said of course ,what would she be doing in America.
I remember when Diane and I went to the sickbay to fetch hot water with our night wear, when it was a rule not to wear your night wear out of the hostel, we got caught and our Matron, seized everything we had one and we stayed in the sickbay naked until, someone brought clothes for us.
When we got to the end of secondary school, I had this lump in my throat, when we graduate that's it, no more late night chats until we sleep off, no more carrying Diane on my back to the sickbay when she falls sick, I won't get to hear her laugh at me when I tell her my stories, remembering how she would laugh at me when I told her my stories made me laugh at myself.
Even when we quarrelled and shouted at each other, Diane was always the first to talk to me like we never quarrelled, I learnt that from her, so if I quarrel with someone instead of waiting for an apology, I would just start talking to the person ,when am no longer angry.
Our last night in school, she told me not to cry, she said our parting should be joyful not sorrowful.
I remember our graduation, that was the last time I saw her, she  is presently in America studying her dream course, we still communicate and all, but I miss her physical presence. Her accent haven't changed unlike some people who would go to Dubai for a one week holiday and some back with an American accent .
I can't wait for her to return. I really don't know how to end this story, there is actually no end to this story. But I would add this,

In our life on earth, we meet people everyday and  we make friends. The truth is that some of us have no friends, some of us can count their friends, some of us can't count their friends, while some of us can count on only one friend, I think I prefer the latter. Its better to have one true diamond that would never lose its value than to have a million rhinestones that's cheap and has no value.

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Abul Djabar was a serial killer from Afghanistan. Not much is said about him, we don't know how his lures his victims, we don't know how he got all messed up in the head, but seriously Abul was messed up in the head.
He was said to have killed about 300 men and boys, but only 65 were proven.
Abul wasn't just a killer, He was a homosexual rapist, he would rape the men and then strangle them with his turban while he was still raping them ( seriously this guy was messed up in the head, am talking plenty loose knots).
He was caught and arrested while trying to rape and strangle another victim. October 21st, 1970 he was sentenced to death and he was executed by hanging (Good riddance).

Gary Leon Ridgway

Gary Leon Ridgway (born February 18, 1949) is the American serial killer known as the Green River Killer. He was initially convicted of 48 separate murders and later confessed about 71 murders. He murdered numerous women and girls in Washington State and California during the 1980s and 1990s.Most of his victims were alleged to be prostitutes. He was called the green river killer because of the bodies of his victims he dumped there. He strangled the women, usually by hand but sometimes using ligatures. After strangling them, he would dump their bodies throughout forested and overgrown area in King County, often returning to the dead bodies to have sexual intercourse with them (Beyond Sick) 

On November 30, 2001, as he was leaving the Kenworth truck factory where he worked in Renton, Washington, he was arrested for the murders of four women whose cases were linked to him through DNA evidence.As part of a plea bargain wherein he agreed to disclose the whereabouts of still-missing women, he was spared the death penalty and received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole.
His court statements later reported that he had killed so many, he lost count. A majority of the murders occurred between 1982 and 1984. The victims were believed to be either prostitutes or runaways picked up along Pacific Highway South, whom he strangled. Most of their bodies were dumped in wooded areas around the Green River, except for two confirmed and another two suspected victims found in the Portland, Oregon area. The bodies were often left in clusters, sometimes posed, usually nude. Because most of the bodies were not discovered until only the skeletons remained, three victims are still unidentified. Ridgway occasionally contaminated the dump sites with gum, cigarettes, and written materials belonging to others, and he even transported a few victims' remains across state lines into Oregon to confuse the police.

Ridgway began each murder by picking up a woman, usually a prostitute. He sometimes showed the woman a picture of his son, to help her trust him. After having sex with her, Ridgway strangled her from behind. He initially strangled them manually. However, many victims inflicted wounds and bruises on his arm while trying to defend themselves. Concerned these wounds and bruises would draw attention, Ridgway began using ligatures to strangle his victims. He killed most victims in his home, his truck, or a secluded area. 
He was caught November 30, 2001. He confessed to all murders and agreed to cooperate with the police and find the dead bodies so he won't be executed. He serves a life sentence till this day. 

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Simi was walking down a lonely trail when she met Dayo, she had seen him once or twice in the area but she wasn't sure were he lived. He was very tall, she was a tall girl too but he made her look short, he wasn't really good looking but he was okay.
Then he says " Hi"
She says "hi"
"My name is Dayo ",
"My name is Simi "
" can I have your number so I can call you sometime ?"
Not wanting to give him her number, she tells him ,
"Give me yours and I would call you "
Dayo gives it to her,tells her goodbye and walks away.
Dayo patiently waited for her call, but she never called, Dayo's brother laughed at him for trusting a girl would call him first but Dayo was positive Simi would call him again.
Weeks passed and fate decided that they would meet again.
Simi had left the house with her three year old brother to buy something, she met Dayo on the way, he was happy to see her and approached her.
" you didn't called me again " said Dayo
"I didn't have credit to waste " said Simi rolling her eyes, and she walked away, leaving Dayo dumbfounded.
Unfortunately for Simi ,coming back, the rain started to pour and she had no umbrella, she wrapped her brother with her jacket and started to walk in the rain.
Up till today, Simi doesn't know if Dayo was watching her through the window or If God sent him, But he came out from his house holding an umbrella. He walks up to her and gives her the umbrella and says
" hi again, why are you walking under the rain?  Use the Umbrella "
Simi knew she had to accept,
" thank you she said " feeling guilty because of the way she spoke to him previously .
He says " you are welcome, should I walk you down "
" If you want to " said Simi
Dayo walks under the rain, while Simi uses his umbrella, he kept her company and talked to her like he had known her for years , he told her he likes her brother's hair cut and gives Simi's brother a Hi-five.
He walks with her some distance and she begs him to go home that she would bring back his umbrella when the rain stops and saying goodbye he left her.
Hours later, the rain had stopped and Simi in front of Dayo's house called Dayo, he came out to meet her , he was smiling at her, he had a beautiful smile and immaculate teeth.
He took the umbrella and just talked with her, He was really funny. Simi tried to apologise for her previous behaviour,but he waved it off, saying it was in the past, they talked for a while, there was a way he looked at her, she was not used to it , she couldn't understand it, but she loved the way he looked at her, she loved his eyes.
Simi told him she had to go and he said he would like to see her again and she said it was no problem.
Simi left him and walked home.
Dayo was heavily on her mind, she couldn't wait to see him again......
To be continued

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When I was a kid, I was a serious troublemaker, my mouth always got me in trouble and I didn't know how to fight, the primary school I went to was a government school and in that school there were kids from parents who were wheelbarrow pushers to Teachers and Lecturers. Teacher's kids were the posh ones, they were usually favourites and were placed above everyone else ( I disliked a lot of them). But that's by the way side, today my story is centred on when I how my mouth earned me some blows.

I was a troublesome and somehow naughty child (explains why I was flogged a lot) , My seatmates name was Harrison, he was kind of Fat, no, Harrison was fat (saw him some years ago, the guy has hips and a huge ass, back then In secondary school we called him hips don't lie) .
But that day I was Godswill's seatmate, he did something so they made him seat with me, something caused an argument between us, I didn't like him and I didn't want him on my seat, we started quarrelling and I called him "crayfish eyes" and before I knew it a blow landed on my face, everywhere became dark and in like 3 seconds it started to clear up, I started crying , My friends sitting in the seat before mine heard me crying, they turned and they screamed when they saw my face.
My then yellow blouse with a green pinafore uniform, was covered with blood , spit and tears. Godswill had knocked my tooth out, I was initially crying because Godswill hit me, but finding out I was bleeding, I cried the more, and Godswill tried to run ,but he was caught and punished, I never found the tooth he knocked out.

There was another time in Primary 4 when I called a boy (can't remember his name either Ehis or Eromosele) "beans head "( his head was actually shaped like a bean) .The boy's eyes turned red, the next thing I knew was that I was used as a human bowling ball against the fragile benches and tables we had in our class, the boy took off because my classmates started shouting , I was in pains but I ran after him, still raining insults, then he stopped running, held me against a wall and hit my belly, I thought I would die seriously, the blow to my belly almost made me vomit, I just held my abdomen and froze in that position, at first I couldn't cry, after some seconds I started crying hard, when I regained myself, I wanted to go and fight him or report him but then the boy was long gone, I stopped looking for trouble for a while, that punch to my abdomen was really painful, didn't want another one and I never saw that boy again don't know where he went or If he just avoided me completely ,but every night I would plan the insults I would give him when I see him and then doze off with a smile on my face on how angry he would look and if he hit me, I would immediately report him and he would be flogged and he would cry the same way I cried.

Did you ever fight when you were in primary school and you want to share the story, send your stories to or,  and I will love to share it.
Good bye and see you next post.

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On this fateful night at 1:00 am, I was fully awake, watching TV, I was about 12 years old then, I was watching cartoons, I think the cartoon was Go Go GadgetMan ( am not sure, but that doesn't matter). After sometime, PHCN took the light, I didn't have a phone then so, I had no source of light.
Usually, I am not scared of the Dark ( My sister was and I teased her a lot about) , the sitting room was pitch black, I had to carefully meander my way through.
Then all of a sudden I felt there was someone there.
You know sometimes you can feel the presence of someone even if you haven't seen the person, I felt a presence and then I saw a shadow moving towards me it was moving effortlessly and it seemed to float, It was the shadow of someone a bit tall and wide, apart from that I saw nothing, I stopped were I was and said
"Who is there? "
I saw the shadow shrink, as in seriously , am not kidding, It shrank to a cat, I heard "Meow" something ran past me, our door was made of glass and the lowest part of the door was broken, I heard scratching on the carpet,  like something with claws was running on the carpet and the cat ran through the door and out, It all happened in a split second, I never knew cats would run very fast, I wasn't even sure, what I saw was a cat. I ran with speed through the darkness to my room, I was panting heavily and I was so scared, I started praying.

There were cats normally in the bush nearby, but the cats never came close to my house, so I was really puzzled.

It really happened, this wasn't my imagination , every part of this story is true. I don't know what the creature was, even  till now I question what I saw, I know my mind wasn't playing tricks on me, I saw it, I don't know if it's a spirit, Demon or witch.
Well whatever it was I never encountered it again, I seriously hoped my prayers sent it packing, because who knows what that thing was and what it was doing in the house, and what it would have done to me.
Have you had a similar experience and you want to share, send your stories to or Thanks for reading,
Good bye and see you next post

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Hey, My name is Ifueko Jemima Uhunmwangho, A medical student from University of Benin and I tell stories, fictional, horror, romance, biographies, paranormal, suspense, intrigue,real life stories, you name it, I tell them all, Do you love stories, then this is the site for you, do you want to tell your stories, is my Yahoomail and is My Gmail, you can send your stories to either one of them,
Enough ramblings, Let's get to the stories.....

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