Saturday, 5 November 2016


I found my ring at the lost and found, the woman holding it gave me ugly stares, apparently in camp some married women would take off their rings so they can have flings with strange guys they meet in camp and from the way things looked I wasn't  different either.

I didn't see Annabelle for a long time after that day, I called for her but she didn't answer.

I was posted to a coca cola company in Ring Road, Akinyemi, Ibadan. I was to work with the Engineering department .

Four months into my primary assignments I started having serious issues, all this time I haven’t seen Annabelle, I probably bored her away or so I thought.
I started having memory troubles I couldn't account for things,places time and money spent anymore, it was worse on weekends, sometimes I would get calls from work asking me why I hadn't come to work for days, it was weird because the last memory I had was me in work the previous day.

It only got worse!! I started waking up in clubs and hotel rooms, sometimes with clothes I would never wear if I had half a brain, sometimes my purse would be empty and other times it would be filled with wads of cash.
I was getting scared, I would try to call my mom but I kept forgetting.

I would lock myself up in my room and still find myself in a club in the pool of my own vomit and alcohol, wearing pieces of clothes.
The straw that broke the camel's back was the day I woke up in a white room, I was naked and the person next to me who was also naked was old enough to be my grandfather, immediately I stood up ran to the bathroom and threw up.

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