Sunday, 12 February 2017

SICK........ Part 1

I had a problem, a ginormous problem which threatened to consume me. It was like an inoperable carcinoma , highly metastatic  , spreading rapidly through me and invading my entire being.
I used to fear that there was no cure for my condition, I didnt even meet doctors to tell them about my condition , I was scared they could have no cure for my illness but let me say the truth, I wasn't sure I wanted to be cured.
My illness started when I was thirteen years old, It was the long holiday, my mother had travelled to Dubai to do some shopping and my Dad as usual was travelling from state to state as regards his job as a journalist,my three other siblings where always in school. I was usually home with my Aunt Debby and recently a distant relative Ojomo came to join us. Ojomo recently started a polytechnic not far from where we lived so he stayed with us.
Ojomo and I hardly spoke, he wasn't my mate Aunt Debby made it clear and I was to maintain my lane according to her.
One day I had come back from summer school early and Aunt Debby wasn't around, I went into Ojomon's room to ask where she was and there I saw him, his eyes were closed his mouth opened in pleasure, a girl was in between his legs, his third leg was in her mouth , they didn't even notice I was there, Ojomo looked like he was going into convulsions.
I ran to my room and I was confused, what where they doing!! , why was Ojomo shouting so loudly, I was determined to find out.
When everyone was asleep I crept into the living room and took the house laptop into my room. I was only meant to use it for school activities but I was curious , my brother had taught me how to browse with Google so I typed " Mouth on Penis " different porn sites came up and I kept browsing through and through a hunger developed all of a sudden, I wanted to know how it felt like, I wanted to know how it tasted.
I won't dare try it with Ojomo, he may refuse and report me to my parents.  I decided to meet Tope, he was the most spoilt person in secondary school , times without number he was caught under the staircase romancing a girl . We were told to avoid him.
I wrote him a letter telling him to meet me behind an uncompleted building in school , I thought he wouldn't come but he did, I told him what I wanted he was shocked but obliged, Tope was a grown man down there and at first I was scared but I went for it, he was all moans and groans and that excited me, when it was over I asked him if he would come again the same time tomorrow and he was delighted.
After some meetings with Tope, he wanted to take it to the next level but I refused and I never schedule meetings with him again, he begged a lot but I was already bored of him , I was itching for another taste.
The head body was my next object of attraction, he had this swag that made girls swoon, he was neat, intelligent and cute, I started to plan how I would get to taste him, I planned for months I could barely sleep I was literally hungry for him.
During a holiday I got my chance, I went to his home to visit him in guise of borrowing his novels,he was three years my senior so he didn't mind, he liked the fact I wanted to read. One day I came to return some comics I borrowed and he was the only one home , I told him I had a surprise for him and asked him to close his eyes, he looked at me suspiciously but obliged, I went down on my knees fast and thankfully he wasn't wearing a belt, I pulled it out and put my mouth, he was shocked and tried to pull away but I was sucking like I had no choice and he caved in, I liked his taste, we continued for weeks until I got bored and tired of his taste.
At fifteen, I started going for parties organised my seniors, they all knew my gist, In a class of fifty boys I had tasted about thirty and even a young teacher I had a crush on. It became my obsession, I hunger for it , no man ever said no when I begged to taste them they enjoyed it, I could tell, they wanted more of me but I didn't want to do more than taste them, they pressured and pressured but I had made up my mind.

Fast forward to my university days, my days of shame . My obsession grew even more,  I would go to night class not to read but to taste guys I liked at first glance, I had no attachment to none of the guys I taste I didn't want any attachments, I would get bored and I wanted to enjoy different tastes of men.
I tasted my lecturers, the porters in my hostel, numerous guys in night class. I would be in different corners tasting away, sometimes I would ask them to bring friends and one after the other I would taste them all.

One day I met a man, a priest to be exact, Father Atohengbe,  I wasn't catholic or anything I barely even went to church, I knew if I go and I find the Minister attractive I would want to taste him so I avoided church.
The Reverend Father was my room mate's  brother and he was gorgeous, why he decided to go into the priesthood confused me, he had the face of a movie star and the voice of an angel . My roomie Omo would always sing his praise.  She would share reflections he wrote and all that, she would be listening to audios of him singing and soon my hunger started to build. Omo shared her brother's number with me, she told me he was great at counselling youths and he was the most understanding and truthful person she knew . She didn't know the trouble she was getting me into I didn't blame her.
I started talking to Father Ato and She was right, he understood youths so perfectly, his reflections where so deep and truthfully, it wasn't hard to fall in love with him. I HAD TO TASTE HIM even though he is a consecrated priest.

We became good friends and I couldn't bear my hunger, it was suffocating me, I couldn't taste anyone else I wanted Father Ato and him alone. I started cutting my skin but I felt no pain, the hunger to taste him was all I could feel.
I hatched a foolproof plan and It was sure to work. Father Ato lived in a parish house in a village quite distant from where I lived, I travelled to the village waited for hours at the bus stop and when late at night I went to the parish house.
My heart was in my mouth as I banged at the gate,  Father Ato walked out looking sleepy and confused, he looked so beautiful I was just staring dreamily. The first guy I fell in love with and he just had to be a priest, I was sick indeed.
He was confused asking me why I was here, I started crying telling him am on the run, a lesbian cult was after me and I didn't know where else to run, He was shocked but let me in and he served me some food and started making a lot of calls , from what I could hear he wanted to transfer me to a convent, I had to act fast and quick. I started crying profusely and Father Ato had to end his call and attend to me. He was moved by my tears and he tried to console me, I immediately went into his embrace soaking his shirt with my crocodile tears , I tried to deepen the embrace but he politely detached from me and said we should pray, I was red hot, I didn't want to pray I wanted to taste him and he was playing saint, I went crazy and attacked him, I went for his belt and tried to take of his trousers. A slap from him brought my senses back everywhere was dark for a few seconds and when the darkness cleared, I could see Father Ato face contorted with anger. His angelic voice turned to thunder as his bombarded me with questions of who sent me to him, He start praying rebuking me and thanking God for saving him. I sat down on the floor in shame and I started crying these were genuine tears I knew I was in trouble, I started to beg Father Ato, I told him no one had sent me but he told me to keep quiet or he would throw me out .
He walked out and went into a room in the house and locked the door. An hour later a car drove into the compound, Father Ato opened the door and welcomed the new guests, They were reverend Sisters, he spoke to them and they asked me to follow them. The ride was a quiet and uncomfortable one, when we got to the convent they showed me a room to sleep but I couldn't sleep. I had made a big mess of myself and I had no idea how to fix it.

In the early hours of the morning, a Nun came and asked me if I wanted to join them to pray, I didn't want to pray I was beyond redemption .

Hours later the head nun came to talk to me, she was a slender and elderly  woman beautiful in every way. She was so kind and nice to me, I didn't know when I told her everything , my weird habits, how it started and my obsession with Father Ato, she listened with out interrupting and asked me a simple question " DID YOU TAKE IT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER??!!. I burst into tears, I never prayed to God when it started, In fact I pushed him away years ago. She didn't judge me, we prayed for a while, read some scriptures and after four days with the Nuns, I went back to school.

I sent a text to Father Ato apologising for my behaviour, he called me almost immediately , he said all is forgiven and I shouldn't go back to the way I used to be. I promised I won't go back.

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