Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Very tired and fatigued from work, Obika made his way home, he drove slowly, dreaming of his bed and food.
It was 10 pm on a Thursday night, usually he never leaves late, but today, He was punished by his boss for slapping a female colleague.
Obika had a foul temper and was always quick to physical assault, the colleague he slapped had just challenged him for being bossy and mean to everyone and Obika slapped her saying her place was in the Kitchen and she had no right to work in the company, the Boss, an old Motherly woman punished him to do a mountain of paperwork or apologise, Obika preferred the paperwork.
Obika finally got home,there was no light and Obika too exhausted to eat, made his way into his room, took a quick shower and climbed his bed.
Suddenly, Obika realised things were not right, Sergeant, His Rottweiler didn't make a sound when he came in, Normally sergeant always barked when anyone entered the compound.
Obika felt uneasy, but decided he would check on the dog tomorrow.

Then Obika started to hear scratching noises, irritated he woke up and searched blindly for his torch, then his hand met fur and blood, Obika jumped from his bed and locating his phone and using it as a source of light, he looked at what he just touched, it was his dog, The poor animal had been mutilated badly, the head split into two, the stomach of the dog split and the internal organs pouring out, a big wave of nausea hit Obika without warning, who would do such a thing to his Dog.
The light on his phone started to flicker and finally the whole phone went black, Obika started to get scared.
A bloody hand started to come in through the window, Obika bolted and left the room, shaking like a banana leaf, he ran into the living room and there were bloody hands every where, coming out of the walls, the television, ground, they held Obika and started to pull him to the ground.
He tried to break free but more hands held him down,
Then the female colleague(Her name was Esizaze)He slapped walked in wearing a long black dress, outline with red, her lips where painted black, her nails where black and her pupils where in slits like that of a viper, two ghoul looking things where behind her carrying clay pots.
" You can slap someone abi, your hand itches you to slap ehn? "
Obika tried to talk but a bloody hand entered his mouth , the bloody hand held his tongue tight and pulled forcefully when he tried to talk.
In a split second the hand he used in slapping Esizaze started swelling, the hand became quadrupled the normal size.
Esizaze  spoke again
" You think you can go about slapping women or talking anyhow because you are the President of the company's son? "
" I will teach you a lesson you would never forget "
Immediately the hand in his mouth went out and instead another hand holding his dog remains forced his Dog's intestines into his mouth, Obika cried and begged but Esizaze heard nothing, the hands continued to force the intestines in until, Obika swallowed it all, including the rectum of the dog.
His hand that was now quadrupled the size hurt like it was on fire, like it was being chopped into pieces and as if acid was poured on it, Obika had never known such pain in his life.
One of the ghoul went and poured the content of the first clay pot on him and Obika let out a whelp, his skin started to peel painfully, Obika could literally feel his skin falling off his muscles.
Esizaze then said
" This is just the beginning, the second clay pot will do you worse "
The second ghoul started to approach Obika with the second pot and Obika let out an ear piercing scream.
And he woke up in the office, he checked his skin, hand and mouth everything was normal, he checked his time it was 10 pm, It was just a bad dream, he thought, he was covered in sweat and his neck hurt from the position he laid in while sleeping.
I must have fallen asleep due to exhaustion he thought, packing up his thing ,He decided to go home and forget the horrific dream.

When he got home his dog was barking,And there was light, he was extremely relieved, he entered his house, took a shower and climbed his bed. Immediately the light went off, fumbling for his torch, his hand met fur and blood again, he jumped out of the bed, Esizaze walked in through the door saying
" Oh you thought it was a dream, No sweetie, I wanted you to experience the same horror twice "
THE END...........

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