Thursday, 7 May 2015


I remember when I was little, sometimes when we were watching television after school, maybe enjoying Rugrats or Tweenies on K-time, the light would just suddenly go off not because there is power failure or something but because the staffs of PHCN have entered into our house unannounced and tampered with the fuse box claiming we haven't paid our bills again,  We weren't poor or rich, but we were okay, we were well cared for and My Dad always paid his bills, he is not one to owe anyone. The funny thing is when you check how much is owed it's like 100 naira or 150 naira, as in like seriously, you tampered with someone's fuse box because he haven't paid 100 naira, it was embarrassing and just annoying.
I grew up hating the staffs of PHCN, the worse experience I had with them was when one of them insulted my mum, I was in primary school then.
PHCN staff don't know what they call them , but I remember this idiot well, He was very tall, dark and balding. He wore a black shirt and black jeans, with black shades, He looked like an undertaker to me. We had already paid our bills, but the PHCN staff claimed they were here to cut the wire supplying the entire area, due to some reasons blah blah blah,
My mum tried to talk to the man, but the arrogant, pompous, sad excuse for a thug, opened that filthy, smelling pothole he called a mouth to say
" Woman, don't talk to me, I have two wives and the second one is older than you " The people around laughed instead of telling him what he said was wrong. My mum walked away, She went to the backyard and started washing clothes, I tried to talk to her but she told me to leave her alone, I was really hurt, I wished I could break the buffon's head, I went to the front of the house, where the overgrown buffon was busy cutting the light , I hurled insults at him and it wasn't as painful as I wanted it to be. I hurled more and he threatened to come down from the pole and beat me up and I ran into the house.
That night, me and my siblings planned what we would do to the buffon If he entered our house again to cut the light, We planned we would dress up like masquerades call ourselves " Awilo sharp sharp ", we planned we would pour hot water on them and run away, We made a lot of plans and even more plans. Today, I laugh at those plans, plans we would never have carried out because, first of all we were little kids, I was Nine, my Sister was seven and my Brother was five, We were allowed to dream.
We never saw the buffon again, Now, I hope where ever he is, he is getting whatever he deserves.

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