Saturday, 5 November 2016


"Annabelle are you alright my dear" the strange man behind me spoke, *what* he called me Annabelle , oh my God save me, she has killed me Deji won't forgive me.
Mr sugar daddy walked naked towards me still calling my Annabelle  he looked like a dried up prune what was Annabelle thinking , I vomited a little more when I felt a bit better showered , but no amount of bathing could wash away how dirty I felt.
I ignored the naked old thing still asking what was wrong I packed my things and wore the  dress I found as usual it was a skimpy barely-covering-my-parts dress I wanted to die , on my way home in a cab I started to remember all the times my memory had failed  I should have known Annabelle was behind it.

Immediately I got home, I went to the mirror and started yelling like a dog in labour
" Annabelle come out this instance"
No response
" I know you can hear me come out"
No response
" You think you are clever abi, you sat in my body for ten months making me think you were gone but you just still here using my body like a rag, Annabelle come out now or I would called my mother"
The laughter I heard scared me
" Hello Chicken neck long time no talk "
" Stop using my body for trash Annabelle " I was fuming with rage
" I am just trying to have fun, unlike you chicken neck "
" that's it I am calling my mother"
As I tried to move my head hit glass.
I looked up Annabelle was opposite me with a triumphant grin, she walked toward my bed laid on it and was soon snoring softly. I tried to scream but no words left my mouth.

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