Friday, 19 May 2017


It was a really hot afternoon, I was tired and seriously cranky, It had been a really long day for me and I had only one thing on my mind, a very long night's rest. When I got to the room, my room mate as usual had messed the whole place up, his clothes were on the floor and bed, his books were littered everywhere and the plates he used in eating were on the bed we shared. Annoyed, I started to pick up his clothe threw it in his wardrobe and then gathered his books in a neat heap, taking a broom I slept the room and washed the dishes, I was tired but there was nothing I detested more than a dirty room.

Finally I laid on my bed to sleep. A few minutes later I heard a knock on my door, I almost grumbled out loud, "Who is it " I asked
It's Mene came the reply immediately the sleep wiped from my eyes. Mene was my best female friend, She was beautiful, with a complexion that reminded me of caramel. She was tall and finely sculpt, with long legs and a waist to die for . Apart from her physical attributes, she was a lovely person, she was kind, caring and jovial, she was perfect. I had been in love with her for years.
I opened the door and she flashed me one of her killing smiles, I felt blood rush to my face and sweat moisten my palms.
" Babu how far now " She said as she walked past me, she was wearing a black bandage dress that flattered her beautiful body, It took a miracle for her not to catch me staring at her perfectly shaped derriere , her floral scent filled my room. I closed the door and asked her if she needed anything, she rolled her eyes and said " Shoooh can I visit my Babu again " I laughed and asked if she wanted anything to drink, she said no and beckoned me to sit by her.
I sat beside her and we talked about school and other things.Then she looked me in the eye and asked a very blunt question
" Babu when  you said you haven't done anything sexual before did you mean it ?"
I was shocked by the question, why was she asking, I had told her once that I was still a virgin but she acted like she didn't hear me, so I wondered why she asked now, I didn't know if I should say the truth or lie instead, I threw a question back
" Why are you asking " I said giving her a scornful look. She smiled and didn't say anything, then she stood up and walked to the door, I was confused, I wondered if I had offended her in anyway. I quickly stood up and walked to her, I held the door and asked if she wanted to leave so soon, she was still smiling
" No, I wanted to lock the door "
I was even more confused! Why?
She didn't talk, she just came closer and kissed me. The feeling sent electric sparks through my entire body, I had never been kissed or kissed someone before, she held my face and deepened the kiss,she was quite taller than me, so I had to stretch to the tip of my toes,I didn't know if I was kissing right I didn't care at the moment the sensations coursing through my body were alien but yet it felt so good.
I was too scared to touch her, I feared she would be angry that she gave me leg and I now want to wear leggings. She stopped kissing me and taking a step from me, she reached for the zip in front of her dress and slowly she dragged it down, (you know all the dresses with the zip in front from the top of the dress to the bottom) apart from a bra she wore nothing else under her dress. It was the first time I had ever seen real breasts. I was transfixed to the spot, I could feel blood running to my groin, I tried to control it but I couldn't, I stood in front of Mene, confused, shivering and erect. She laughed, that kind of laughter she laughs when she had successfully teased me, I still couldn't move. She held my hands and looked into my eyes . I nearly wet myself as she touched my face, tracing her fingers on my chubby, oily face. Her fingers leaving sparks of pleasure everywhere it touched.
" Are you scared " I heard her say, I tried to talk but it felt like I was suddenly tongue-tied. Her fingers were on my neck now doing things I couldn't explain to me , so this is how it felt when the one you loved touched you. I wanted to touch her but I still felt frozen to the spot.
" are you scared, don't be scared touch me " her fingers were still tracing invisible sensation lines on my skin, I could feel the hair on my skin stand . She took my hands and then put it on one of her breasts, I have never felt anything so soft before
" Touch it Babu don't be scared "
My heart was pounding like mad but courage came from nowhere and I placed my shaking hand around her left breast
" That's it Babu keep going do it harder " From one breast I moved to the other holding it and caressing  gently at first then I picked up the pace. It felt like soft cotton at first then it started to feel really hard and muscular and It felt like it was shrinking and more bony,  but I kept squeezing and playing with it.
I don't know how it happened but the next thing I felt was a hot slap on my face, everywhere became dark for a few seconds and It took a while to clear up, It felt like I had gone blind.
" Mene why did you slap me " I said as my vision cleared but the face of the person in front of me was not Mene but my room mate Obi , someone switched on the light and Obi's angry face was evident .
" you dey mad nii, I dey sleep je je for my own you open my ynash dey press am, you don turn gay?? "

It then dawned on me that I was having the most realistic wet dream ever . I took me a week to convince my room mate that I wasn't trying to burst his ynash.

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