Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Dayo and Simi started to talk every day and they got really close. He was so nice and friendly, she wasn't really used to having male friends, in fact, she felt like she didn't fit in anywhere.
But with Dayo things were perfect he was super charming, funny and a great companion. They would meet and take walks in their area and just talk. They would walk until their feet hurt and would then bade each other goodbye till they see again.
At night Simi would hide in the toilet and talk to Dayo till its almost morning. Usually she had low self-esteem about herself but, Dayo made her feel important, Dayo made her see the greatness in herself.
Dayo begged Simi to visit him, but she refused, He kept asking until she agreed.
Simi went to visit Dayo on a hot Saturday and she was welcomed by Dayo's siblings, they were the nicest people she had met, Tolu, Dayo's elder brother was an accountant and Lola , Dayo's elder sister was a Nurse.
Dayo's siblings were going somewhere, so they left them alone in the house, Simi conscious of the fact she was alone with Dayo , she started to perspire and her heart was pounding against her chest.
Dayo looked at her and said
" Calm down, Simi "
" Am very calm " said Simi in a very shaky voice
Dayo smiled a goofy smile and just stared at Simi, She was visibly scared to be alone with, But to him she still looked cute to him, Wanting to calm her down, he said
" Owk, will you like to watch TV? "
" No, I want to go home now "
" Simi, calm down, I won't eat you "
" I didn't say you would eat me, my mum says I should be home on time "
" Alright, Let me see you off "
" Okay "
" Can I get a hug "
Simi threw Dayo a look, But thought about it and gave Dayo a hug, the minute their bodies touched, Simi felt like a different person , It felt electric, they just held each for a minute, before they parted. There was this awkward silence, Then Dayo spoke.
" You better start going, you would be late "
" Okay, Bye Dayo "
Simi left Dayo's house, her heart was pounding, it was the first time, she had hugged a guy other than her Uncles.
Immediately she got home, Dayo called laughing at her, saying her heart was beating so fast, he thought she would have a heart attack. They laughed about it and then Dayo said,
"Simi, I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend "
Simi was speechless, She liked Dayo too, She had never been in a relationship.
" Dayo, I have never had a boyfriend "
" I won't hurt you Simi, I love you "
I love you, that phrase echoed in Simi's head. But she won't let that sway her.
" Dayo, I can't right now, please wait a little longer "
" Okay Simi, If that's what you want it's no problem, Just know I love you "
The call ended and Simi was confused. She was just 17, and Dayo was the same age but a few months older, she didn't want to date any guy till she was at least 21.

Days, weeks, Months passed and Dayo continued to profess his love, while Simi still refused to date him, but they were still very close.
Simi later learnt that some girls in the area liked Dayo and they started to flirt with him, Jealousy flooded Simi's head, Dayo was hers, getting scared she would lose him, She called him saying
" Dayo do you love me "
" Simi, of course I love you "
" Do you still want me to be your girlfriend "
" Of course yes "
" Then am your girlfriend "
Simi expect Dayo to scream, but he just said
" Okay Simi, talk to you later "
That pissed Simi off , He wasn't even excited.....
To be continued.........

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