Sunday, 12 February 2017


Ok,  I wrote a poem and I tried to rhyme don't laugh at me joor.

Punu was the name of my pup
I watched him grow to a beautiful dog

It followed me everywhere I would go
Its brown face always with a glow

Punu would always lick my face
He would walk behind me with a steady pace

I love my dearest dog punu
He was always with me from night to noon

One day my dearest punu had rabies
He was really sick and going crazy

We have to kill punu my child
Said my mom he is now too wild

I wont let another kill my dog
I decided to do it myself in the bog

My hands shook as i held the gun
It felt like he knew what was wrong

With tears in my eyes I killed my friend
His eyes showed me love till the end

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