Sunday, 12 February 2017


Hey guys I just finished another book " The fisherman" by Chigozie Obioma.
Its a very tragic tale about a family and the events that tore them apart.
The first four children all boys were how brothers are supposed to be , friends,  Ikenna , Boja,  Obembe and Ben.  They were each others bestfriends,  they ate together,  shared the same hobbies and looked out for each other.
Ikenna was the oldest brother and he was their leader always strong,  always sacrificing always there for his brothers and they in turn loved and adored him.

Circumstances lead them to become fishermen and there they met " Abulu " a prophesying mad man who was said to have raped his own mother and killed his brother.
Despite warnings not to listen to Abulu,  Ikenna listened to the mad man and he prophesied that Ikenna will be killed by a fisherman ie by one of his brothers.

Ikenna changed towards his brothers out of fear, he lost his heart, his courage and his relationships . His brother tried to bring him back but the Ikenna they knew was already gone.  He had planted a seed of fear and paranoia nutured it until it grew in a tree and bore many fruits.

At the end Abulu's prophecy takes its toll on the family with Boja being the most unfortunate victim,  what actually killed Ikenna was FEAR.  Ikenna was always strong and resilient but the time when his brothers needed him to be strong the most he let them down.
Fear can impair one in so many ways,  it does nothing but bring on pain, regret and agony , it leaves us with "what if" questions that would never be answered.

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