Friday, 19 May 2017


He looks at me with teary eyes
His voice is softer and weaker
Please don't leave me he begs
I know I don't deserve you
But I won't stop working
Till I am worthy of you
I believe and love him so I stay

She looks at me with angry eyes
Her voice is calm but laced with fire
Her finger is pointing and accusing
Do you still see that boy she says
I try to say no with my mouth
But my eyes betrays me and says yes
She looks at me like dirt and says
I have warned you to stay away
That boy will lead you to your grave.

So now I am torn into two side
Two demons constantly battle in me
Love is patient, kind and forgives
I chose to forgive but i am not happy
Is it a crime to love someone

She tells me to go and he says stay
My head hurts and my heart bleeds
If I leave the pain will be too great
If I stay and I have no peace
I have cried till my eye dried up
She says i should leave like its easy

I can't bare the pain anymore
Maybe death will end this fight
Yes when I die they will let me be
But I will haunt them from my grave
I will show they the pain they caused me
I will pull sleep from their eyes
The way they pulled mine
I will make them cry
The way they made me cry
All I do is love but yet they make me hate
I want to have peace is that so hard
I think its better I leave this world
Its better I die and rest in peace.

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