Friday, 19 May 2017



I once had a pair of perfect jeans
It was blue and bright with pretty seams

It fit so well and had a golden zip
When I wore it compliments flowed from different lips

I really loved my perfect jeans
After every use I folded it into a neat heap

My Jeans covered my legs in the cold
During the heat it gave the perfect hold

Cut this jeans said some dear
It would be nice rugged just a little tear

So tore it I did with a pair of sharp scissors
But my elders said I looked unserious

Cut it a little for three quater is in vogue
I cut it to my knees and I looked like a rogue

Cut it a bit short just close to your bum
I cut it so and to bad company i almost bumped

So I gathered the pieces and started to sew
Time went by and my anticipation grew

After hard work and a long night's toil
I patched all the cuts but it was all a foil

My perfect Jeans were no more fair
All that was left was an attempt at repair

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