Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Eddy after talking to Ese walked into an IT centre located in the shopping complex and the sound of laughter welcomed him, along with cries of he did it, he really did it. Eddy walks to a tall light skinned  guy and says,
" Oya Iro, I have done what you asked now give me my laptop"
Iro, a very naughty soul, looks at him and says
" yea, you talked to her, So what's her name, where does she work and did you get her number"
" Her name is Ese, the rest I dunno"
The other guys in the room burst out laughing and they started taunting Eddy saying stuffs like 'jew', 'nerd' and stuffs like that.
Iro smiled and said
"The deal was name, where she works and number "
" Guy stop this rubbish and give me my laptop, am almost done writing the codes for that Green's hospital website"
" Eddy at least tell me, you found the babe attractive "
" Iro She is okay"
The cries of Jesus, Hey, Choi, filled the room
" I don dey talk say this Eddy nah serious gay" said Emma the IT centre accountant
" Guy stop that rubbish talk am not gay"
" Only a Gay niggi will see that girl and say that she is okay" said Etim
"That girl is fucking hot" said Iro
" Then why didn't you guys talk to her, why make me go and talk to her "
" we thought it would be funny to watch you fumble over your words or pee your trousers as you talk to her " said Ben
" You guys are jobless, give me my laptop Iro "
" Abeg Iro give am oh, Before he uses his Kung fu skills on you " said Emma
Everyone laughed except Eddy, He was seriously tired of being the subject of the jokes in the IT centre, but he loved working here, He loved his boss and most of all he loved his Job, Yes he was Antisocial and He wasn't really interested in girls, But So what,he loved his life this way, He had a goal in life and that goal was that He wanted to be in The Programmers hall of fame( If there was something like that) A social life and a Girlfriend will only slow him down.
He thought Ese was beautiful but He felt she was just one of those " Fake Plastic Painted up Barbie doll" His dream girl was a girl that was into programming the way he was into it, So they can challenge each other and write codes together, He would only have a girlfriend If he found such a girl or If he ever finds such a girl.
He collected his laptop from Iro finally and settled down in his work area to finish with the Green's Hospital Website. He left work by 8 pm and made his way home, What a day he thought, He started thinking about tomorrow and how he would write the codes and design the next website He would work on tomorrow , He was so deep in thoughts he didn't hear the car horn.

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