Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beauty and the Programmer

Saying Ese was beautiful is an understatement, Ese was Wow just wow, Almost everything about her was perfect, She was dark chocolate in complexion, white almond shaped eyes with long lashes, pearly white neatly arranged teeth covered with luscious lips, She was about 5 ft 6 inches tall, with a well sculpted body that fit anything she wore.
Ese wasn't just a head turner, she could break necks if possible. She was any man's dream, she was beautiful on the inside too, She was funny, easy going and respectful.
After her Nysc, She got a job as a Nurse in a private hospital. She was literally chased by men from different corners, rich men, handsome men but she refused to date anyone , she said she didn't want them because they felt their physique and money could buy her, she wanted more in a man.

One day, she went to a supermarket to buy a gift for her friend getting married, when she was leaving she heard a shaking voice begging her to wait, she turned to see a man walking towards her, When he came close to her, she assessed him from head to toe. He was roughly the same height with her or a bit shorter it was hard to tell because he was sloughing a bit, He wore a neat and well ironed short sleeve shirt on a pair of Jeans that looked a bit worn out but still wearable, on his feet were Allstar Canvas, He wore geek glasses and was visibly shaking.
" Hhhhiiiii, sorry Good morning, No its actually 1pm already so am am "
Ese was staring at him
" okay I meant Good Afternoon "
" Good afternoon can I help you ?" said Ese
" I just wanted to say Hi "
" Okay you have said it, Now I have to go "
" Hi, am Eddy, please can I know yours? "
" It's Ese "
" Okay, Nice to meet you Ese, I have to go now, you have a lovely name "
And he turned back and left, That was really odd, He didn't ask for her number or where she worked or anything, Just her name and he left, funny dude,

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