Sunday, 2 October 2016



First time I told my mum about Annabelle, I was five, If I were a white kid my white parents would probably laugh it of and say it's a phase, but I was black, African, Nigeria, Edo and I was esan. My mum didn't waste time she took me that very minute to a firebreathing pastor, crying that I had been possessed and they prayed a lot, I remember having my entire body coated with olive oil (anointing oil) and when it was over, Annabelle was gone, I told myself I would never forgive my mum, she took away the only friend I had.

When I was twenty-four ,I was so frustrated, I was severely always broke, I had lost my dad and I had to manage with what my mum would give me, I was grateful but I just had to struggle, my boyfriend Deji was beautifully made, he was always there for me and everything, he was sweet, romantic, kind and everything I always wanted in a guy, but he was like me broke, he came from a poor background and he had to consistently work to fend for himself and his siblings, but he would still take me out on dates even when I refuse but as an undergraduate ten thousand a month compared to the forty thousand I used to receive was a nightmare.
I was looking at the mirror one day combing my natural hair which was all matted, dry and in need of deep conditioning, my reflection in the mirror had this frown which was weird because although I wasn't smiling, I didn't frown either, I tried making funny faces but my reflection still had a frown, I felt the hair on my neck stand as I stared in horror at my supposed reflection. Then it spoke not in my calm and barely audible voice but in a more sharp and boisterous voice.
" What have you done to our body chicken neck??"
Chicken Neck
The only person who calls me that is *ANNABELLE*. the room began to spin and everywhere turned dark

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