Thursday, 29 September 2016


Eniye knew she should have left the church earlier but Mrs Abode needed a pair of hands to take down the decorations on the church altar, immediately she had finished she picked up her things and decided to run home , the new assistant pastor offered to drop her off at about 10pm if she could wait till then but she declined not even giving the man a chance to convince her.

It was really dark and the street was just too quiet there were a lot of shortcuts to her home but she decided to take the main road because the shortcuts were usually filled with predators at night, the time was 9:20 and shops were usually closed by 9pm she kept saying a prayer as she walked her slippers making a tap tap noise on the tarred road.
In front of a tree close to an uncompleted building was Thompson, a hooligan, agbero extraordinaire , thug and thief, he had come out to smoke some weed when he saw Eniye walk by but she didn't see him, she had been the itch in his loins for years and a subject of his fantasy , he had tried to talk to her rather toast her on many occasions but she always snobbed him , she was probably coming from church he thought , throwing away the wrap of weed he decided to follow her , her place was still about ten minutes away , he walked slow and discreetly so she won't know he was following her many thoughts were going through his mind.

About five minutes later there was screaming from Eniye and almost simultaneously shouting from a male voice the screaming from Eniye stopped but the man still kept screaming until the street became quiet once more.

Ten minutes later, Eniye's brother heard a sharp knock from the gate, he had stayed awake to close the gate after Eniye comes and she was supposed to have arrived by 8:30pm and as usual she left her phone at home. Dropping his phone and reaching for his torch he walked to the gate thinking of ways to scold her, he didn't  see Eniye immediately instead he saw Thompson with Eniye in his arms, she wasn't moving he quickly opened the gate asking Thompson a million questions at the same time.

Apparently, Thompson had followed Eniye to ensure she got home safely, she got jumped by a man who knocked her out and tried to rape her Thompson got there in time to give the man a sound beating ,knocking him out with a blow to the head and saved her, after laying Eniye down on the couch, Thompson and Eniye's brother went after the man and found him still unconscious, Eniye's brother recognised him immediately , he was the assistant pastor.

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