Saturday, 5 November 2016


I don't know how long I was down but when I stood up, I was convinced my mind was playing tricks on me. I stood up and looked at the mirror, my reflection stood straight and tall with her hands akimbo still with a frown
" you have always been a whimp, I swear " She said

I was still staring like a man seeing fire for the first time slowly I regained myself, she was really there in the mirror staring at me.
" Annabelle what the hell, how did you...."
" Come back, fash that one, wetin dey sup, you look horrible "
"I don't look horrible" my own reply shocked me
" You do joor don't tell me it's with that powder and lip gloss, you are going to class "
She said rolling her eyes
" Hello chicken neck stop gawking at me , just look at your untoush sef,  for why, I am so glad I came back, you need help "
" I don't need help " my voice was shaky
I have to go am late for class"
" Ok oh, sha sha make your hair, what kinda hair is that one, better relax it "
I didn't talk, I walked out of the room shaking like a banana leaf  ,why is she back ? why today of all days? when my final exam was this morning  and I was too shaken to take a bus It felt like I had forgotten everything I had studied, Annabelle's return had clouded my mind.

Lucky for me the exam was a breeze somehow seeing the questions opened my brain and I wrote well, I totally even forgot about Annabelle. When the exam was over I couldn't wait to call Deji and my Mum. I took out my phone to call mum but the beautiful yet annoying voice reminded me that I didn't have sufficient credit to make a call. I opened my bag to get my wallet but I probably left it on my bed, I wanted to borrow from the network but I hate paying for debts, so I decided to go home and get my wallet. 

I got home and Annabelle was there in the mirror waiting for me, oh my gosh I totally forgot Annabelle was back
" congrats girl, how will you celebrate? "
I did say anything I just picked my wallet and started to leave the room
" Chicken Neck where are you going to now? She said with a voice so stern I almost peed myself
" I am going to buy credit to call mum and Deji " my voice was still shaky
" Ehen before I forget, Omoye please don't  tell anyone I exist I beg you trust me, Let me be your secret, are you hearing me? "
" I must tell Deji, I tell him everything "
" Don't be a mumu Chicken neck, tell anyone about it and they would lock you up in a psychiatric home, don't tell your mum especially, I am not here to hurt you, I am your friend remember the fun we used to have "
I looked at Annabelle for the first time, she looked just like me only more bold,sassy,boisterous, fiery, sassy and sassy ,there was something hot about her eyes .
I agreed to keep the secret and I didn't know it then but it was the greatest mistake I had made.

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