Sunday, 26 April 2015


Going natural, What does it really mean?
Is it about joining the bandwagon of ladies cutting their relaxed hair to grow healthier natural hair ?
Is it what's in vogue and it looks attractive ?
Is it that You realised that relaxing your hair, bleaching your skin is selfhate and you have decided to love yourself the way you are i.e Appreciate your God given beauty?
You have suddenly realised you are African and Africans have afros and dark skin, and relaxing your hair is a slave mentality and you want to stop it ?
But seriously what's your reason for going natural.
Initially I went natural because, I saw other naturalistas with long hair, beautiful twist out, afros and what not.
I was obsessed with the natural hair of ladies I saw online, in my mind my hair would grow that way.
I bigchopped and then it became clearer when the relaxed ends where off, it was no longer about, long healthy hair, it was about God.
God made my ass black and my hair kinky, He makes no mistakes, so why am I trying to correct myself ?
Most pictures of natural hair online to me are just fake, like seriously, your ass is darker than mine and you are sporting 2c curls and you would see some ladies chanting "hair crush, I wish my hair was like that "
Going natural should be about appreciating yourself the way you are, not dying your hair purple, blonde, red, green or blue.My dear that's not natural it's not your real hair colour, You went natural, so stop being fake.
You are natural, no biggie be natural, don't act it.
And to permies out there, It's your choice to relax your hair, but remember God makes no mistakes, he gave you an Afro for a reason, I am natural not because of Hair crush, length checks, Natural hair meet ups, natural hair products or Whatever. I am natural because I was born this way, God made me this way and I would never change it.

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