Wednesday, 1 April 2015


On this fateful night at 1:00 am, I was fully awake, watching TV, I was about 12 years old then, I was watching cartoons, I think the cartoon was Go Go GadgetMan ( am not sure, but that doesn't matter). After sometime, PHCN took the light, I didn't have a phone then so, I had no source of light.
Usually, I am not scared of the Dark ( My sister was and I teased her a lot about) , the sitting room was pitch black, I had to carefully meander my way through.
Then all of a sudden I felt there was someone there.
You know sometimes you can feel the presence of someone even if you haven't seen the person, I felt a presence and then I saw a shadow moving towards me it was moving effortlessly and it seemed to float, It was the shadow of someone a bit tall and wide, apart from that I saw nothing, I stopped were I was and said
"Who is there? "
I saw the shadow shrink, as in seriously , am not kidding, It shrank to a cat, I heard "Meow" something ran past me, our door was made of glass and the lowest part of the door was broken, I heard scratching on the carpet,  like something with claws was running on the carpet and the cat ran through the door and out, It all happened in a split second, I never knew cats would run very fast, I wasn't even sure, what I saw was a cat. I ran with speed through the darkness to my room, I was panting heavily and I was so scared, I started praying.

There were cats normally in the bush nearby, but the cats never came close to my house, so I was really puzzled.

It really happened, this wasn't my imagination , every part of this story is true. I don't know what the creature was, even  till now I question what I saw, I know my mind wasn't playing tricks on me, I saw it, I don't know if it's a spirit, Demon or witch.
Well whatever it was I never encountered it again, I seriously hoped my prayers sent it packing, because who knows what that thing was and what it was doing in the house, and what it would have done to me.
Have you had a similar experience and you want to share, send your stories to or Thanks for reading,
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