Thursday, 2 April 2015


When I was a kid, I was a serious troublemaker, my mouth always got me in trouble and I didn't know how to fight, the primary school I went to was a government school and in that school there were kids from parents who were wheelbarrow pushers to Teachers and Lecturers. Teacher's kids were the posh ones, they were usually favourites and were placed above everyone else ( I disliked a lot of them). But that's by the way side, today my story is centred on when I how my mouth earned me some blows.

I was a troublesome and somehow naughty child (explains why I was flogged a lot) , My seatmates name was Harrison, he was kind of Fat, no, Harrison was fat (saw him some years ago, the guy has hips and a huge ass, back then In secondary school we called him hips don't lie) .
But that day I was Godswill's seatmate, he did something so they made him seat with me, something caused an argument between us, I didn't like him and I didn't want him on my seat, we started quarrelling and I called him "crayfish eyes" and before I knew it a blow landed on my face, everywhere became dark and in like 3 seconds it started to clear up, I started crying , My friends sitting in the seat before mine heard me crying, they turned and they screamed when they saw my face.
My then yellow blouse with a green pinafore uniform, was covered with blood , spit and tears. Godswill had knocked my tooth out, I was initially crying because Godswill hit me, but finding out I was bleeding, I cried the more, and Godswill tried to run ,but he was caught and punished, I never found the tooth he knocked out.

There was another time in Primary 4 when I called a boy (can't remember his name either Ehis or Eromosele) "beans head "( his head was actually shaped like a bean) .The boy's eyes turned red, the next thing I knew was that I was used as a human bowling ball against the fragile benches and tables we had in our class, the boy took off because my classmates started shouting , I was in pains but I ran after him, still raining insults, then he stopped running, held me against a wall and hit my belly, I thought I would die seriously, the blow to my belly almost made me vomit, I just held my abdomen and froze in that position, at first I couldn't cry, after some seconds I started crying hard, when I regained myself, I wanted to go and fight him or report him but then the boy was long gone, I stopped looking for trouble for a while, that punch to my abdomen was really painful, didn't want another one and I never saw that boy again don't know where he went or If he just avoided me completely ,but every night I would plan the insults I would give him when I see him and then doze off with a smile on my face on how angry he would look and if he hit me, I would immediately report him and he would be flogged and he would cry the same way I cried.

Did you ever fight when you were in primary school and you want to share the story, send your stories to or,  and I will love to share it.
Good bye and see you next post.

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