Saturday, 4 April 2015


Simi was walking down a lonely trail when she met Dayo, she had seen him once or twice in the area but she wasn't sure were he lived. He was very tall, she was a tall girl too but he made her look short, he wasn't really good looking but he was okay.
Then he says " Hi"
She says "hi"
"My name is Dayo ",
"My name is Simi "
" can I have your number so I can call you sometime ?"
Not wanting to give him her number, she tells him ,
"Give me yours and I would call you "
Dayo gives it to her,tells her goodbye and walks away.
Dayo patiently waited for her call, but she never called, Dayo's brother laughed at him for trusting a girl would call him first but Dayo was positive Simi would call him again.
Weeks passed and fate decided that they would meet again.
Simi had left the house with her three year old brother to buy something, she met Dayo on the way, he was happy to see her and approached her.
" you didn't called me again " said Dayo
"I didn't have credit to waste " said Simi rolling her eyes, and she walked away, leaving Dayo dumbfounded.
Unfortunately for Simi ,coming back, the rain started to pour and she had no umbrella, she wrapped her brother with her jacket and started to walk in the rain.
Up till today, Simi doesn't know if Dayo was watching her through the window or If God sent him, But he came out from his house holding an umbrella. He walks up to her and gives her the umbrella and says
" hi again, why are you walking under the rain?  Use the Umbrella "
Simi knew she had to accept,
" thank you she said " feeling guilty because of the way she spoke to him previously .
He says " you are welcome, should I walk you down "
" If you want to " said Simi
Dayo walks under the rain, while Simi uses his umbrella, he kept her company and talked to her like he had known her for years , he told her he likes her brother's hair cut and gives Simi's brother a Hi-five.
He walks with her some distance and she begs him to go home that she would bring back his umbrella when the rain stops and saying goodbye he left her.
Hours later, the rain had stopped and Simi in front of Dayo's house called Dayo, he came out to meet her , he was smiling at her, he had a beautiful smile and immaculate teeth.
He took the umbrella and just talked with her, He was really funny. Simi tried to apologise for her previous behaviour,but he waved it off, saying it was in the past, they talked for a while, there was a way he looked at her, she was not used to it , she couldn't understand it, but she loved the way he looked at her, she loved his eyes.
Simi told him she had to go and he said he would like to see her again and she said it was no problem.
Simi left him and walked home.
Dayo was heavily on her mind, she couldn't wait to see him again......
To be continued

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