Saturday, 30 May 2015

May 30th 2015

It's May 30th 2015, and Well its feels like Nigeria just took a time machine back to the hard times. I attend university of Benin, and sometimes even if there is no light, you are sure that the Generator will be on by 7pm till 2am and then from 5am-7am. But that has changed suddenly the light goes off and it stays that way until Bedc decides to supply us with light which could be in a few hours, days, even weeks . I went to Guaranty trust bank to charge my phone because the light when off by 8:10pm and the Generator wasn't on, I heard from someone that the technicians said there was no diesel for the generator. Going to GTB to charge my phone, I was shocked at the crowd, people were literally connecting extension to extension, plugs and chargers every where people plugging their lamps, phones laptops, tablets and power banks. It was like a market place
 In my hostel water barely flows, even if it flows it's for a few minutes and most of the time, you have to go down stairs, I am literally starting to have muscles from all the buckets I carry upstairs. The toilet is a bloody mess, because not everyone is disciplined enough to go all the way down stairs to fetch water to flush it after you have used it and the cleaner can't  clean it efficiently because there is no water and I can imagine how many trips the poor woman will have to makes to effectively clean the toilet.
We even have it good, one of my friend complained to me that he barely has water in his apartment, once he had to come to class without taking his bathe because there was no water.
I decided to go home and I couldn't  see any bus, good thing  I had a comrade bus card, entry into the bus wasn't funny, someone pushed me and I stepped on someone's shoe, one woman almost dropped her carton of fish on my head.
Buhari got sworn in yesterday, I hope things get better, because the way we are living right now is Archaic, there should be light, water and transportation, Well what I can say is Buhari has his work cut out for him, let's see if the CHANGE he promised will play out. I remember a friend of mine saying in his manifesto, We are Nigerians, we don't eat sweet words, We eat yam, rice, millet and garri. In other words we don't want promises, we need actions. 
Bye and see you next post.

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