Saturday, 5 November 2016


Life with Annabelle was getting more complex and more exciting, even Deji noticed the change in me but he never asked maybe he guessed it was because I had graduated from school and all that or maybe he just liked the change
Annabelle and I always quarrelled about Deji, she said he was a broke ass Nigga , had no swag, no ride. She said I needed a guy who could spend the dough I hated the way she talked about Deji , sometimes I would be so angry I would threaten to tell my mum about her, she would pout and tell me that she is just joking that  I shouldn't vex , She was just like that friend you know has a bad influence on you, profits you nothing but yet you can't stop being her friend , she was stuck on me like glue.
" Omoye if I had a body I would tell you to shoot me in the head, you are killing with boredom joor" she said pretending to swoon
" Well I like a calm life "
" You mean you like a boring life " she snorted
" Let's go clubbing for once now, I am sick and tired of staying in this room with you and your boring gist, I want to get high " she pleaded
" If you want to go and go by yourself"
" Boring chicken neck "
" you better stop calling me that"
She made an annoying clucking sound with her tongue and backed me , I felt like smashing the mirror.

Months later, Deji got a job as a sous-chef for an oil offshore company, he was to be paid four hundred thousand naira a month, I was so happy  when I told Annabelle the news she just snorted saying some men could give me four hundred thousand naira in a day, I ignored her as usual, she was supposed to help me but I just couldn't see the help she was giving she was just trying to make me wild and I didn't want that but I had promised I won't get rid of her plus sometimes she was entertaining when she wasn't annoying.

Three months after Deji left, I received my call up letter and I was posted to Oyo state, Annabelle made a shoot-me-now-face every day, she kept urging me to pay some money and get posted somewhere more groovy after all Deji now gives me about a eighty thousand a month but I was going to Oyo whether she liked it or not.
A week to the day I was to travel to Oyo, Deji came to visit, we went shopping for things I needed for camp, we also went shopping for clothes and shoes. In a classy restaurant he proposed to me with a really cute ring just the way I wanted it silver and simple, I thought I would go mad with joy, it was the best week of my life.

Nysc camp wasn't so bad, In fact I kinda enjoyed everything about it except the hot sun, Annabelle kept nagging me saying my shorts were not shorts, she kept calling them deeper life shorts or British man pantaloons as usual I ignored her but not for long, I didn't have to look in the mirror to talk to Annabelle anymore, I started to see her in my head like we would be having conversations in my head, she became like a shadow always with me. 
It was weird, I would be walking on the road having a conversation with her and no one can see who am talking to when I get caught talking to Annabelle people would give me weird stares, I had to start walking around with an earpiece so it would look like I was on a call , I had to sometimes it gets really hard to ignore Annabelle.  With time it  got weirder, on the last day of camp there was a huge party I didn't want to go for and Annabelle almost cried on my neck she begged me for days but I told her *NO* I didn't like parties.
I don't remember what happened next I just remember waking  up with a banging headache , it felt like the entire room was spinning,  my mouth tasted like alcohol, my body felt like it was bitten by a thousand fire ants and my corper whites had grass stains and vomit , I tried to move but the headache just got worse,I called for Annabelle but she didn't answer it was as if she was asleep or something , I looked at my phone messages  and a strange number had texted me

*Thanks for last night I had a great time, love Nkechi*

Who the hell was Nkechi ???

Trying to make sense of what had happened, I tried to stand up from my bed and out of habit  I looked at my left hand, my engagement ring was gone , I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach

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