Saturday, 5 November 2016


Annabelle woke up later, all drowsy and hungover. She threw up severely and I tried to keep a straight face anytime she looked in the mirror, she looked disgusting, I looked disgusting.
She swallowed some pills, microwaved some leftover chicken and chips and she settled on the couch to watch E! News, we didn't say anything to each other for hours.
I was restless, it was almost noon and Deji had not arrived. What if he left me to my fate, after about twenty what ifs ,I had to stop thinking what if Annabelle hears my thoughts .

It was almost evening when the door bell went off, Annabelle let out a curse and went to answer the door.
There at the door looking finely cut and clean was my Deji, I don't think Annabelle recognised him immediately because if she did she didn't show it.
" Can I help you? " she said
Deji looked shocked then he called my name OMOYE
That was when Annabelle recognised him, she was about to shut the door in his face, when I took over
" Deji it's me help me " I said struggling with the door
" shut up bitch " Annabelle took over and tried to shut the door
"Deji don't go help me "
Deji was so confused, he couldn't believe his eyes , he just stood there staring at me display two different personalities
Annabelle and I forgot for control, It was so painful, I felt like I was going to be ripped in two.
" I am not going back to your boring ass life "
" You have had my body for too long now, I am getting my life back "
" I would rather we both die than for you to have control again "
With that Annabelle took control and ran back into the house , she entered a kitchen and grabbed a knife, She was going to slash my wrist, I took control again and dropped the knife, she took control and picked it again.
I forgot hard, Annabelle won't take my life form me the body is mine.
" You are an ingrate chicken neck, you imagined me after you saw your father commit suicide, I took you through it and was there for you, I was your friend, your only friend but what did you do you told your mother and had me cast out "
"Annabelle you made me do terrible things as a child, you almost made me poison my classmate "
" she deserved it,  I made you have fun idiot, it took me years to crawl back into your life and I am not going back, I made sure of it "
Then it dawned on me
" Annabelle you killed my mother "
" I would do anything to keep this body, I deserved to own this body I deserve to be in control"
" You would control me no more Annabelle "
She laughed
" I am serious, get out and never come back "
She wasn't laughing anymore
I closed my eyes and kept saying " Get out and never come back"
" I am not leaving " Annabelle said her voice was stressed but I kept my eyes closed and kept wishing her away.
I heard her scream in my head but I wasn't screaming, she was leaving, I kept saying the words until Annabelle's voice faded from my head.
Then I opened my eyes, Deji was staring at me with his mouth ajar, I ran to the mirror in the kitchen and for the first time in six years , I saw my own reflection.

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