Saturday, 5 November 2016


Deji "
There was a pause
" Omoye, Jesus Christ, Omoye is it really you "
" Deji yes it's me" I was surprised he still remembered my voice
" I don't have time to explain"
" I looked everywhere for you, you just disappeared "
" I am so sorry "
" Wow I waited five years to hear sorry, you abandoned your mother and siblings , you abandoned me I have asked myself every day what I did wrong "
" you didn't do anything wrong please Deji there is a reasonable explanation, someone held me without my will please come and help me "
" I don't understand"
" some has held me all these years, I just managed to get to the phone, if am caught she would lock up me forever"
Deji was silent for a few seconds
" Where are you ?" his voice was calm too calm
I gave him the address of Annabelle's place
" I will come get you tomorrow "
" Please bring my mother tell her Annabelle took me "
The line was quiet
" Hello Deji "
" Omoye your mother is dead, she was killed by a hit and run driver five years ago "
My heart sank my mother was dead and I didn't even have the chance to tell her good bye, I didn't get the chance to go to her burial.
what am I going to do now, how will I find that Pastor that banished Annabelle before , I felt my tears run down my face before I even knew I was crying ,
" Deji, someone else is controlling me, her name is Annabelle she would soon take over me again please help me "
" Don't worry I will come get you tomorrow, just be alert "
" And one more thing don't call this number when you are coming it's Annabelle's "
" Ditto "
He was taking the news too well am sure he thought I was crazy, he would probably tell me what I wanted to hear and then he would dump me as soon as the call ends.
" Deji please you are my only hope, I know I sound crazy and the you I know would end the call and laugh at me, but please if you are not going to save me say so, so I would know where I stand "
He was silent again
" Send the address again, I would come tomorrow morning trust me "
" Ok, I am waiting for you "
The line went dead, I quickly deleted the number and I went back to my chains.

Annabelle woke up hours later in the club and managed to stagger home, she was so hungover she passed out again on her bed immediately we got home ,I didn't budge I waited patiently for Deji .

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