Saturday, 5 November 2016


It's 5:45pm on a cool evening, Muyi is back from work and quickly goes into the kitchen to get dinner ready, he puts some rice in a pot and sets it to parboil then he goes into his sitting room and puts on the tv, his favourite show was on and he sat to watch for a few minutes, then goes to check the rice and then about ten minutes dinner is ready, he takes a shower and then settles down to eat.
His phone rang at 7:00pm, it was an unknown number so he ignored it, but his phone didn't stop ringing, after about seven calls he decided to pick up.
" No matter what do not open the door" the voice at the other end of the line was sharp and clear.

" who is this? " Muyi asked

The line went dead, he tried making other calls but the network was gone, a chill ran down his spine.

He wanted to leave the house but the voice was in his head, so he stayed back and continued watching TV.

By 9pm he went to bed .

The sound of a knock woke him up, he looked at the time it was 2am, who could be knocking at this time he wondered, he was about to stand up from his bed when he remembered the warning so he sat back. The knocking continued for some minutes before it stopped. Muyi heaved a sigh of relief and went back to sleep. Another knock woke him up again, the time was 3am and this time the knock was sharper than the last , it went on for a while before it stop, Muyi was shivering in the heat of the night, he didn't move from his bed. He reached for his phone and tried to make a call but there was no network.
The knocking continued at 4am and this time the power went out, Muyi was alone in the dark with something knocking violently on his door, he crawled under his bed and started to pray like he has never before.
The knocking went on from minutes to hours, it got sharper and sharper, Muyi almost wet himself in fright he was too scared to move he just  coiled into a ball and endured the urge to end the torture whoever was knocking was putting him through.
The knocks soon sounded like thunder claps ricocheting through out the entire three bedroom flat.
I can't take this knocking anymore Muyi thought, so slowly he stood to open the door but he had to take a weapon first, he went to his utility room, grabbed a crowbar and  wrench, he walked slowly towards the door, his shirt soaked with sweat, his heart pounding so hard it felt like it would explode in his chest.
When Muyi got to the living room each knock felt like a blow to his head, he wished he could walk faster but he just shuffled like an old man.
When he was in front of his door the knocking stopped, it was 6:30am, the sun was starting to rise.
Muyi went to his sofa and sank into it, what a night he thought, the network in his phone had come back and the lights returned.
Muyi waited an hour before going out of his house, he wanted to go and ask his neighbours if they heard the Knocking, but the sight that greeted him at the gate was so grotesque he almost fainted.
In a messy pile of human parts were his neighbours all three of them, Nene the Nurse, Timi the pastor and Isaiah the landlord, they were sliced and butchered like meat.
Muyi was still in a state of shock when his phone started ringing it was the same private number with shaky hands he picked and same voice from before said
" Aren't you glad you didn't open the door when I knocked "

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