Saturday, 23 May 2015


It's 7:53 on a Saturday and it's raining cats and dogs. But this is a good time to share a story.

Kate and Chidi had been dating for over a year, and for that year, Kate had been struggling with Chidi.He wasn't really attentive to her, he barely let her speak her mind, always shut her up and when he starts to raise his voice, Kate will be silent because she is scared Chidi will hit her. He was quick to insult her over her mistakes and too often she would lock herself in the toilet and cry.
She did everything to please him, She would cook for him but he won't eat, She never argued with him when he spoke so he won't raise his voice, but it made no difference. What does he want, She couldn't make him happy, she didn't feel appreciated , She wasn't happy, She loved Him, but their love was so dry and stale, there was no spark. They barely did stuff together, they hardly went out, they couldn't have a discussion without it leading to a quarrel. She read blogs, books and asked her friends and family advice on her relationship but all the information she got from the books or her Friends didn't help her situation, the relationship was just cumbersome.

Kate was getting fed up, She wanted to end it but she couldn't imagine a life with Chidi, He may be a pain but she knew he loved her and she loved him too, But still she couldn't imagine marrying him and spending her life with him with his attitude .

One day, She goes to a supermarket to buy some cosmetics and She bumps into Tobe, her long time best friend from secondary school, Tobe a free spirited and playful guy hugged Kate and was genuinely happy to see her again , they exchanged numbers and parted ways.
That night Tobe called her and they talked into the night, talking about Secondary school, University and almost everything they had missed from each other's life .
He wanted to see her again and he invited her for a movie, and she agreed.
Chidi started to notice his girlfriend was no longer chasing him, In fact she hardly called again, She was always smiling at her phone and When they were together, She barely gave him any attention. Chidi started to get worried, He started chasing Kate, but She just treated him how he used to treat her and he started to feel how she felt. The roles were reversed and Chidi knew how Kate always felt.
She didn't do it intentionally, She was just having so much fun with Tobe, He was so fun to be with, they did a lot of things together,they had a lot of things to talk about,  they went to the movies, went dancing, He cooked with her and he was always there, unlike Chidi, Tobe was dependable, He was always there for her.
The gap between Chidi and Kate lengthened, and the gap between Tobe and Kate shortened.

Chidi couldn't contain it anymore, He accused Kate of cheating on him with Tobe, Kate was horrified, She tried to talk to Chidi but as usual Chidi wasn't one to listen, He broke up with Kate and took off.

Two years later, Chidi met a friend at a bar, Oma, Oma told him Kate was getting married the next Saturday, Chidi wondered to whom, Maybe it was to that Tobe, he thought, He decided to go for the wedding anyway to see who his ex had ended up with.
That Saturday, He drove to the Catholic Church in which Kate was to be married took a seat in the middle aisle and watched the ceremony. The man Kate was getting married to wasn't Tobe, No it was definitely not Tobe. Tobe was the Priest officiating the wedding, his eyes were shinning as he joined Kate and her Husband.
Chidi was shocked, He had no idea Tobe was a Reverend Father, maybe this was what Kate was trying to tell him, She wasn't dating Tobe at all, they were just hanging out and He broke up with the best thing that had ever happened to his life.
Chidi left the marriage ceremony with a heavy weight on his chest . Truth be told all the relationships he had been in Since he broke up with Kate had been a wreck, He was forty and was still a Bachelor, He entered his car and zoomed off.

Always treasure what you have you would never know when you would lose it.

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