Saturday, 5 November 2016


Annabelle took total control of my body  and she held me down in my own mind with chains , I was literally held in chains I couldn't control anything I was like a figment of an imagination and soon it felt like I was fading from existence , I tried to talk to Annabelle, I begged, cried, negotiated but she ignored me totally, soon I got tired of talking and soon I became totally silent all I did now was sit, watch and feel sorry for myself.
Deji my sweet Deji am sure he has been trying to reach me but he won't be able to,  Annabelle had made sure she had wiped almost everything about me  She had deleted all my social media account , threw my phones away, burnt my clothes, changed my name to Annabelle Philips , the only things she kept where my certificates from school.

I watched helplessly as Annabelle turned my life around, she worked her way into modelling through one of her sugar daddies and boy she was good she brought sass and fire to the runway she started getting bigger and bigger contracts modelling for big agencies secretly I was happy she was modelling somehow she was making herself known and by God's grace my family will find me.

She travelled frequently having vacations and photo shoots in Milan, New York, Tokyo, Dubai. I went for parties with ministers, actors, comedians and the likes, I met new people and made new friends, scratch that Annabelle did all those, she was so popular travelling to have brunch with this and drinks with that, she had stopped her sleeping around with money bags, she now had her own money, she had houses in various locations all over the country and she had about eight boutique also. I saw new places through her eyes or my eyes I don't know again, she was becoming successful, living the fab life being things I would never be even in my imagination.
Then I had an idea , yes the tables have turned Annabelle now controls my body and I am the disembodied voice in her head so I had to act somehow like Annabelle, I have to make her think that I am on her side. She loves fashion, glamour, fame , I need to get comfortable with her so the chains on me will gradually loosen I had to act fast, I have been in chains for five years now, I bet Deji and my family think am dead and the way things are going I would soon be dead.

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