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Embarrassing Moments
Almost 90% of the human race have experienced at least one very embarrassing moment, including me the writer, I have been embarrassed so many times, but it's no biggie, People may laugh or look at you in a weird way but they would get tired of laughing and life goes on.
Well these are some real life embarrassing stories, Enjoy them
It was graduation day in a prestigious all girls boarding school and the graduates were already in the chapel for the opening ceremony and when that ended, the graduates started to file out of the chapel, most of them were dressed glamorously , some manageable . The issue was that a lot of them wore shoes too high, In fact  some of the graduates could barely walk.
A girl called Mercy despite the fact she couldn't walk with heels kept laughing at her fellow classmates struggling with their shoes, She told them to watch her move with her heels, they actually stopped to look, Mercy started to walk like a model on the runway and then, she fell, she fell so hard her shoes went off her feet, When she stood up she was bare-footed, with her red stilettos in disarray,she turned round searching for who to blame, instead she saw a lot of strange faces pointing and laughing at her , including her classmates, they kept mimicking her saying " Watch me move with this heels"....

Ella went to the market on a cloudy Saturday, she wanted to buy food stuff for the house. In the market there was a madman, who always sat in the entrance of the market and was sometimes seen walking round naked. When Ella got to the market the mad man saw her and started to move quickly towards her saying, " My Wife, My Wife " She immediately took to her heels, with the naked mad man in hot pursuit , She ran into a nearby church and hid under the pews for a very long time, when she came out the mad man wasn't in sight.She quickly did a little shopping because she was badly shaking and a lot of people were pointing and laughing at her, she just wanted to get home, when she got to the park, she decided to get on a bike, because she would get home faster with a bike, As she got the the bike park, the mad man came out of nowhere and started running after her again, she ran to the nearest bike, hopped on and told the bikeman to drive off quickly, the man obliged and started driving off, the mad man ran after the bike and with all his strength spat at Ella, she was wearing a tank top and the spit landed right on her bare skin.
When Ella got home, she spent nearly two hours washing herself, in fact she felt like ripping off her skin, she had never been to embarrassed in her life.
Chioma had always had a thing for cute, handsome, tall or Macho guys, as long as you have one or more of the above qualities, Chioma would stare and day dream about the guy.
One day in church, While the offering was going on, Chioma's caught a glance of a drop dead gorgeous guy, she couldn't stop staring, she kept walking and staring, The sound of the offering bowl falling and her falling on top of it brought her to her sense, she had to pretend she was actually fainting to cover up ( LOL). Everyone in church including the cute guy she was staring at were looking at her, Chioma wished the ground would just open up and swallow her.

Mr Kola was a Literature teacher and He taught at an all girls boarding school and he was very good, in fact his students made good grades. But the thing about Mr Kola was that he usually gets lost staring at his students bosom, for some reason he just stared at his student's chest instead of their faces.
One day, a girl called Bami came to him and with about three of her classmates, they wanted him to explain something in their notes, Mr Kola started well, but kept staring at Bami's bust and Bami is a busty girl.
Bami was a nonsense person, when Mr Kola wouldn't stop staring, she held his head and turned it back to the book. Her three friends burst into laughter, Mr Kola couldn't say a word, even his follow Co-workers who noticed his staring laughed at him and said it served him right, Mr Bami had never been so embarrassed in his life.

Mr Osi always claimed he was a tough man and no one could dare him. In the face-me-I-face-you building were he lived, he was fond of threatening his co-occupants and beating up their children,
Mr Osi was married with two children and to a nice woman, who always had to apologise on behalf of her husband to the neighbours.
One day, armed robbers came to the house ordered everyone to the passage and told them to lie down, Mr Osi was ushered out too, A gun was pointed to him and Mr Osi wet himself, the armed Robbers watched in shock as a full grown man wet himself, the gun wasn't even real, they took their loot and left.
Mr Osi couldn't  show his face to his neighbours again, they kept making pee noises when he passed.

Labake was going home from school and at the last bus stop, as she struggled to come down, the seat caught her Jeggings trouser and as she struggled with the iron seat to free her Jeggings, she heard a rip and a loud laugh from someone in the back seat, She came down from the bus and assessed the damage, It was really bad, the iron seat ripped a long zigzag hole in her Jeggings and Labake notorious for not wearing underwear had the whole bus see her butt.

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