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When Dayo and Simi met again, they were in his house. They were just talking, laughing and enjoying each others company, then Simi asked Dayo,
" Why weren't you excited when I told you I would be your girlfriend, do you have another girlfriend now?, Don't you want me anymore? "
" Simi of course, I want you to be my girlfriend, I love you, But do you love me too or you are just dating me because I asked you? "
Simi kept quiet, She liked Dayo, she didn't know If she loved him, he was nice and all but, did she really know what it felt like to love someone? Love was such a strong word
" I don't know, I really like you, I have never been in love, I don't know the feeling "
" It's owk love, I appreciate your honesty , don't force it Simi, let it come naturally, just know I love you"
He playfully touched her jaw and they continued talking.
Months passed and Dayo got more withdrawn and he was occasionally moody, It felt like he didn't enjoy her company anymore, he always looked worried, On the other hand,  Simi got more attached to him, It just wasn't fair at all,She tried to tell him how she felt but he waved it aside. In fact one day out of the blue he told her
" Don't get too attached to me "
" Why would you say that, am already attached to you "
"Try to detach yourself, It would be better , Don't want you to get hurt"
" What's wrong with you " Simi cried out " You begged me to give you a chance, I did and now am in love with you, you want me to just pretend I don't "
Very shocked Dayo looked at Simi and said
" You love me, since when "
" I dunno it just came and I started feeling it "
Dayo looked away and just stared at the wall for a few seconds, then he held his face, Simi realised he was crying,
" What's wrong why are you crying "
" Simi am going away, I am not here to stay"
Simi was shocked, she couldn't imagine not seeing Dayo again,
"Its alright, we have phones and the Internet, we will keep in touch, please stop crying, You would make me cry too" She started to sob too and Dayo took her in his arm and just held her patting her head and soothing her.
When they had calmed down, Dayo held Simi's face looked into her eyes, leaned in and kiss her.
The kiss awoke sensations Simi never knew existed and She kissed him back, there was this feeling in the kiss, It felt like she was floating, her heart was beating so fast, his heart was beating fast too.
They kissed for about a minute and stopped . She went home twenty minutes later reminiscing , that was her first kiss and it was amazing, she wanted to do it again, she couldn't wait to do it again.
That night Dayo called her, they talked about the kiss for almost an hour before they decided to change the subject.
" what's your favourite sport " Asked Simi
" Football, I want to die playing soccer"
Simi laughed, she imagined an eighty something year old Dayo playing soccer having a heart attack and dying with a smile on his face.
" I am a proud "gunners" fan, as in Arsenal or no other, if I ever have a twin I bet he would be a gunners fan too, that club is so cool"
" Why do you love football so much, it's boring to me , plus Chelsea wins more matches than Arsenal "
" I love it so much because it is the only thing am good at , am not really smart or talented, but when I play football, I feel smart and talented, I would love to be a footballer if it were possible"
"Dayo don't talk like that, you are smart and of course, You are tall, good looking and you have a beautiful smile, it's possible for you to be a footballer,You can play football nah "
Dayo laughed " It's not possible, will you come and watch me play tomorrow , the match is by 4pm at that football field we pass when we stroll, I want you to be there"
" Sure, I want to see if you really have those skills you are claiming, Let's see if you are really a footballer"
" I am so happy you will be there, I will play wella when you are around  Simi I want you to place this in your heart "
" Place what in my heart? "
" I love you Simi, place it in your heart never forget "
" Okay, no problem, You said you were leaving when are you going again"
Dayo became quiet
"Sooner than you think Simi"
"What? "
" Talk to you later, My mum wants to talk to me , bye Love you "
" I love you too"
The next day, Dayo and Simi were at the field holding hands, the match was about to start
" Simi, pray I do well this may be my last match"
" Dayo stop this nonsense talk, Just go there and have fun "
" I love you Simi, never forget that"
Then the whistle went off and Dayo ran into the field .To Simi's surprise Dayo was really good,NO, Dayo was amazing he moved fast and easily like he was walking on thin air, twenty minutes into the match and he scored a goal, Simi was so proud of him , the match continued and Dayo scored two more goals. As time went by  Simi observed that something was wrong with Dayo , He got slower and slower and he looked like he was about to faint forty minutes into the match the coach wanted to substitute him but he refused claiming he was just dehydrated, He was given some water and glucose and he announced he was fine. Simi was worried but Dayo's smiling face across the field reassured her He was okay.
Eighty minutes into the match, Dayo was sent to the bench, he wasn't looking alright at all,Instead of going to bench he went to sit with Simi, He looked drained and he was breathing fast, Simi made him sit and got him water and more glucose.
All of a sudden Dayo started wheezing and he fell to the ground, immediately Simi ran to his side, Dayo reached out for her and she held him, she kept asking him where his inhaler was and she tried to search for it, but he just held her tight, He was crying, he told her not to leave, His team mates carried him into a car rushing him to the hospital, He kept telling Simi to hold him, He was struggling to breathe, she held him and told him to calm down that he would be fine,He never made it to the hospital, Dayo died in Simi's arms . She never knew Dayo was asthmatic, He never told her, he was always healthy to her and always full of energy, When they got to the hospital , It was confirmed him dead, she couldn't  cry, it felt like a hammer slammed her chest, It was like part of her died too.
Usually her mum would have killed her for having a boyfriend at eighteen, but the pain her mum saw in her eyes shocked her, for days Simi locked herself in her room playing all Dayo's favourite songs over and over again, sometimes she would cry loudly and break and throw things around other times she would just cry softly and call Dayo's name, she refused to eat or drink anything,her family had to break down the door to her room and monitor her, they didn't want her to kill herself  they just watched her lie on the floor by her bed holding the shirt Dayo died in,crying until she had cried herself to sleep.
Dayo was buried a week later, Her parents refused to let her go initially, but she threatened to slash her wrist if they didn't let her go.
 She stood by the grave, silent while they buried Dayo, she didn't say a word, she just stood there holding his shirt, when the coffin was covered she sat by the grave and she cried, she cried her life out, her family had to drag her home.
Simi suffered depression for months, She wouldn't  speak to anyone, she would just hold his shirt and stare at the wall, She stopped crying but still spoke to noone, She was admitted into a mental ward, she only screamed when they tried to remove Dayo's shirt from her hand.
Seven Months passed and she finally started to talk and by the next year, she had regained herself fully.

She decided to go back to school, she took JAMB and PUTME, she applied for Physiotherapy and got admitted.

Years later, Simi already a graduate and working in an orthopaedic hospital , she was doing good but hadn't even dated anyone, AS IN NOONE.
Her friends and family tried to hook her up, but it was all futile, she refused every guy interested in her.
Her friends persuaded her to go shopping with them, she reluctantly agreed.
In the shopping mall , not looking where she was going she hit a mannequin and actually knocked it down, trying to place it back, a guy came to help her, she turned to thank him and stopped dead, just staring at him, the guy noticed the stare and wanting to break the awkward moment stretched his hand and said
" Hi my name is Deji"
Simi shook his hand and said
" Sorry for staring, you just look a lot like someone, I know, same height, body size and smile "
"Hmmm your friend better like football and Be a gunners fan, If not he isn't my twin"
 " He told me the same thing too " said Simi smiling

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